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Can we just all agree that being a mom is hard? No matter if we are working away from home, working at home, not working. Being a mom is hard. All scenarios com with their challenges.


I’m a work at home mom and have been for nearly a decade. If you work from home with kids chances are you are probably stressed, exhausted, and some days you may not know which direction is up.


If that is you then fret not my friend. You are in the right place. This is a place where you will find life hacks and inspiration for mompreneurs. You’ll find ways to grow your business while growing healthy kids. You’ll find tips that are brief, bright and out of sight to help save your sanity.


Welcome to Momalot 👋


Not Everyone Will Get You… 
But We Do..


When you become a Mompreneur you may find that you no longer really totally 100% fit in with any other world….


Moms who do not work at home will find it hard to relate to your situation. And some people (ok a lot of people) will assume your situation is equivalent to sitting on the couch all day while you eat bon bons with your kids. They will never know the countless hours you pour into your business, the sacrifices you make for sleep, sanity and more on a daily basis. They probably won’t know about the nights you lay awake wondering if this is all worth it. (Psst.. by the way it is totally worth it.. keep reading).


The stay at home moms will not get your struggle because they don’t know the reality of your world either. Most (not all) will assume that working at home is just like staying at home with your kids. Not true. Try adding about 40+ more hours of work on top of it.


Working Moms will be a mixed bag too. Some will accept what you do but not really understand what it is you do or how you make money. Others will not want to hear about what you do but love you anyway. Lastly, the smallest group will hate you for working at home and taking risk and not playing it safe. (Again, that is a super small group – thank God.)


The people who will understand you, your struggles and your world the most are other work-at-home moms.


What it means to be a work at home mom


I love working from home because I love what I do – it’s fun, flexible and pays well. However, PS, my first few years were a straight-up struggle. I hated it. I wanted to quite every week. Yet I persisted. I kept on pushing. I failed a TON but I learned TONS MORE and finally found sweet success. You can too.


I’ll be honest I am not a millionaire. However I make enough money to live well. I quit my Corporate Communications job nearly a decade ago and never looked back. Never had to and hopefully never will have to.


Working form home has allowed me to watch my babies grow into little boys. It has allowed me to kiss them good-night, be there for sick days and never miss a moment I that don’t want to miss.


However being a mompreneur also means you need to work. You have to put in the hours to make an income. Even if you are growing residual income like I have, you need to hustle for a few years to grow it and then keep hustling to stabilize it.


The world of a mompreneur is a world we make ourselves. As I use to tell my husband.. my job is fun, delightful and I love it. But my job is also to pull money out of my ass. Make money out of nothing… literally nothing.


Whether you are a blogger, network marketer, graphic designer, or some other freelancer… you know it is hard work… like really hard work. 


Which is another reason you need a support group around you and real tips and strategies that can help you navigate working from home, but also getting through life while working from home. 


What Momalot can do for you


Momalot is a blog to help inspire you and make life just a little bit easier. Here you will find life hacks and business hacks to help you navigate this work at home life smarter not harder. Momalot has tips on Family, Health and Wellness, Working from Home and all of them are written with you in mind. In other words what you find on this website is for the busy mompreneur. You’ll also find Stuff We Love – favorites from Momalot to help make your life easier.


With that said — hey you’re busy!! I’ll stop yapping and let you start exploring! 


I personally suggest reading The Work at Home Beginner’s Guide, or connect with us on our Facebook page. Either way, glad you’re here!



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