Free spring break activities your kids will actually love

I’ve put together a list of free spring break activities your kids will actually love and I am so excited to share this with you.

Spring Break is suddenly here! For so many of us moms and especially mompreneurs this is a time of joy but also a little bit of stress as we try to come up with spring break activities that will entertain and make for a fun week with our kiddos.

This year I have an extra challenge with Spring Break. Our family is saving up for a vacation later this year,… a big vacation. So we really have no money to spare.

That means this year’s Spring Break is on a budget. Below I am sharing some of my favorite ways to entertain our two boys – ages five and seven.

These free spring break activities are totally kid-friendly and kid-approved (by my kids anyway) and are totally free in most cases.

Free spring break activities your kids will actually love
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1. Start Your Spring Garden

If you’re planning a summer garden, right now is the perfect time to get started. Take your kids to pick out the seeds or plants. Our boys love it when they get to help decide what will be in the garden.

We live in the Midwest so the weather can still be a little too iffy for plants just yet. We will start our plants in seedling trays. I recommend the Seed Starter Peat Pots Kit. These seedling trays are biodegradable and organic, which makes them super simple to use! You get 50 cells and 10 plastic plant markers included. Bonus!


2. Make Reading Come to Life

Now that it is getting warmer outside it is the perfect time to do more outdoors activities. In my humble opinion, free spring break activities outdoors are the best! Incorporate a love for reading by bringing books with you on your journey. You could grab your favorite book such as Miss Maple’s Seeds, and about what happens with seeds and plants this time of year. Or grab the Fandex Family Field Guide about Trees and take it with – kids love it because they can actually flip through it and match it up to what they see budding and growing all around them. There is also a Fandex Family Field Guide for Bugs, and another Fandex Family Field Guide for wildflowers.

save with honey


3. Take a Day Trip

Jump in the car and take a quick road trip. You could visit a new nearby city. Or even just take a tour of your own town.

Last summer the boys and I did a tour of the city parks and playgrounds. We made a point to visit every playground in our town.

They thought it was super fun and I loved how easy it was on my wallet.

Get creative and have fun!


4. Blow Bubbles

The sunshine is back so break out the bubbles. I honestly had forgotten how much fun these magical bubbles could be until just today when our 5-year-old grabbed his bubbles off of the garage shelf and started blowing them as we cleaned up the garage. Before I knew it we were all blowing bubbles and laughing. So simple, yet so fun. Make your own bubbles recipes at home and throw a bubble party.


5. Get Cookin’

Kids love to cook. Honestly it doesn’t matter if it’s pre-made cookies from the store where all they do is plop them on a pan, they don’t care. They just love to get into the kitchen and see the outcome of their work with you.


6. Have a Scavenger Hunt

Our boys love a good scavenger hunt and chances are your kids will too! This doesn’t have to be fancy and can be done inside, outside, rain or shine.

Simply create a list of items to find, divide into teams or go as a group, and start searching!

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If you have a pirate lover in the bunch, turn it into a pirate adventure and make the list a treasure map! We have done this with our youngest and he loved it so much that he now makes up his own maps and finds imaginary treasure.


7. Library Time

Check to see if your local library is having any free activities for Spring Break.

You can also stock up on books and videos. I already told our boys that if they are watching television on Spring Break it will be one of the educational videos I got from the library. Yep. I am “that mom.”

Plus if your library has computers for kids, this is a great time to give them a bit of computer time on a rainy day. We don’t have a desktop computer for our kids at home, so getting on the computers at the library for 20-30 minutes is a real treat for them! Plus they expand their minds with the games, while improving fine motor skills using the mouse.


8. Visit Kids Museums & Theaters

Kid Museums and Theaters will often run fun or even free promotions during spring break. We have a membership at our local Kid Museum and it has a jam-packed calendar for Spring Break week with tons of fun kid activities.

Target Free Days is a year-round program that gives parents and their kids free or discounted admission to thousands of family-friendly venues. So not only do kids get to spend a day burning off that bottled up energy, you may not even have to pay a dime for it.


9. Get Crafty

I know I don’t have to tell you that Pinterest is filled with fun Spring crafts for kids. Seriously there are a million of them. Just pick a few to have as a back-up for rainy Spring Break Days with the kids.

Or just have the art supplies stocked up and ready to go in a pinch. They can make wall art, draw their own comic books, paint a painting for mom, color in coloring books. Break out the glitter and have some fun with it!

10. Have an Art Show

After the kids are done gettin’ crafty with it, have them show off their creations! Have them each sign their works of art. Then, hang up those paintings, put those glued together toilet paper tubes and other creations on display. This is a great opportunity for your child to talk about their artwork – the materials they used, what they created, how they feel about it and get expressive with their words.


11. Get a Craft Subscription Box

Not that crafty of a person? Yah I’m not either. I will even go so far as to pin a million pins on Pinterest of crafts and things I want to do with the kids, and then never do them. Time goes so fast!

What’s the solution? A Craft Box that comes to your door!

Yep! Got that and love it. There are a few out there but the one we use and love is called Kiwi Crate. I chose this service in particular for many reasons. Kiwi Crate allows you to decide on a box based on the child’s age, as well as their interest. Each box has three activities that are fun and engaging. Our boys love their Kiwi Crates!

12. Plan for Easter

I am a woman who love to plan ahead. I get serious satisfaction when I can schedule and plan out events, parties, gatherings, and everything in between. However, when I became a mom those skills got thrown out the window.

I often find myself flying by the seat of my pants and making it look damn good if I do say so myself. However, there is still that part of me that likes to plan when I actually have the time. Maybe you do too – and that is why I have included this on my list of Free things to do over Spring Break.

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Get a jump start on Easter. You will get a piece of mind and satisfaction knowing it is complete. The kids will have fun being a part of the process. They can create decorations and plan the menu for the upcoming Easter gathering.


13. Plan for Summer Vacation

You’re on a roll mama! After you are done planning Easter, why not plan for that Summer Vacation? Again, the kids will have fun being involved in the process and having a say in where you go and what you do. You will have satisfaction knowing you are marking one more thing off of your no-doubt always giant to-do list.


14. Have a Playcation

Are you connected with other moms whose kids are also off for Spring Break? Plan a playcation,.. or two. Invite the kids friends over and have coffee with the mom. Or offer to have the mom drop her kid off if she wants to run errands, and then maybe she will do the same for you.

Or create a mom and kids playcation. Declare a play all day kind of day with your children. They will find it amazing that they get moms attention all day long!

Use some ideas from this list to have some fun with your babes and make memories.


15. Make Your Own Movie

This is a chance for your kids to let out their creative side. Children of all ages never get tired of seeing themselves in photos or videos – so why not use that to your advantage for entertainment?

Our boys love dressing up in costumes or play clothes and putting together a movie.

The movies are usually short, super silly and aren’t winning any awards. But the main point is that we have tons of fun making them!

There are a ton of free apps for iPhone and Android to make movies. Our favorites are iMovie which comes standard on iPhone, the Lego Movie Maker, Stop Motion Studio, Super Power FX and Splice.


16. Obstacle Course Challenge

If your kids are small enough you can even do this inside. Now that my boys are a little bigger at ages five and seven, I save the obstacle challenges for outside.

Have them crawl under, over and through. Run around things, balance toys. You name it! Get creative!

Use anything on hand and have them move their bodies in different ways. Time them or get them to do it backward for an added challenge.

17. Family Movie Night

After a busy day of free spring break activities, end your evening with a family movie night. But this isn’t any ordinary family movie night.

Tonight, you’re turning your house into a movie theater. Set the scene and make it complete with a concession stand, homemade movie tickets and movie reviews after the show is over. Of course, you can’t forget the theater pocorn! Our kids love these novelty red and white striped classic popcorn containers, which make it seem even more authentic.


18. Family Game Night

Not in the mood for a family movie night? Try a family game night. It’s a great way to relax after a busy day, and help the kids to wind down before bed over Spring Break. Plus it’s a fun family bonding time. Our favorite family games include Monopoly Junior Board GameOperation Despicable Me Silly Skill Game and Jenga.



What’s on your list of free spring break activities? Comment below with what you’re up to this season.



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  1. Well, I want to be YOUR kid. So Fun. Loved these ideas! What memories you are creating and there is no price for that …priceless.

    1. Thanks Cara! We love the movie night idea so much that we have made it a Friday night tradition in our home. We don’t always go all out and make it just like the theater, but we do make a point to have popcorn, pizza and cuddles.

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