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Beginning Juicing is easy with this free handy book on what to avoid. This is the beginner juice book guide I wish I had when I started juicing and was new to the power of juicing.

children's prayer cards-min

Teaching our kids to pray is one of the biggest yet most challenging jobs as parents. These free printable prayer cards help to get the ball rolling for you & your child in an easy way.

The Life Changing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Get this free e-book which outlines in depth the life-changing benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. ACV promotes healthy skin, optimal weight and so much more.

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Many times we are our own worst enemiy without even knowing it. This free e-book helps you to identify and banish the naysayer within you so you can live the live you’ve always known you could. Stop negative internal speak for good.

Homework To-Do List from Momalot

Kids sometimes need a visual reminder to help keep them on track. Use this Homework to-do list to do just that for your child.