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gratitude journal is a diary of things for which you’re grateful. A gratitude journal are used by anyone wanting to focus their attention on the positive things in their lives. Gratitude, the feeling of appreciation or thanks, has gained a lot of attention in the field of positive psychology because it’s shown to have an impact on quality of life.  Keeping a gratitude journal, even for a short while, can increase joy and positivity significantly.

Writing a Gratitude Journal will make being grateful as natural as breathing. Over time it just happens without you realizing.Gratitude Journal

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What’s inside the Gratitude Journal

BONUS #1: This 45-page gratitude journal is filled with gratitude prompts, inspiring quotes, and thought-provoking questions.

BONUS #2: “FILLABLE” VERSION! You get the print-ready PDF as well as a digital “fillable” PDF so if you desire, you can open up the PDF and answer the questions directly on your computer without having to print it out.

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5 Benefits of Gratitude

Showing your gratitude can be a great way to spread positive feelings in the world around you. When you think about it, reaching your goals starts with a single positive thought.

How do you feel when someone sincerely expresses his or her gratitude to you for something you did? Doesn’t it make you feel good about yourself? These positive feelings can lift you up, boost your enthusiasm, and motivate you to achieve even more.

Feeling grateful for what you have can produce the same good feelings and sustain your drive toward your goals.

This shows how gratitude can have some seriously positive snowball effects.

Here are some of the benefits of gratitude:

1. Reaching your goals. When you feel grateful, it tends to be a lasting and selfless feeling. It’s much more than just a momentary burst of positive energy; it has staying power that will provide a great boost for you to reach your goals.

When you express your gratitude to others, ensure that you’re open and expressive. People don’t know what you’re thinking; hearing it can make all the difference. 

2. Strengthened relationships. There are many ways you can express your gratitude to your loved ones, including saying, “Thank you,” writing a letter, or giving them a thoughtful gift. When you learn to avoid taking your loved ones for granted, you’ll have a long lasting and loving relationship.

Showing gratitude is a two way street. Learn how to effectively express your gratitude and, just as importantly, to receive it as well.

3. Improved communication. Gratitude can mean better communication all around. By expressing your gratitude to strangers, they’ll be more likely to show an interest in helping you, too.

Gratitude is such a powerful entity that it can even help you communicate with your pets! They should be appreciated too.

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4. More effective constructive criticism. No matter how we express constructive criticism, it often makes the recipient defensive or even angry. No one likes a blow to the ego. In this situation, a grateful attitude can take you a long way. You can express criticism quite effectively when you also emphasize what you appreciate about them.

5. Preserving memories. You can preserve memories in a positive way when you keep a gratitude journal. You’ll be able to enjoy your memories again and again when you read about these happy times in the future.

Show Your Gratitude Every Day

Showing gratitude to others may seem like a selfless act, but it’s something that you also benefit from. When you show your gratitude every day, you change the way you think.

You’ll appreciate your good life when the majority of your thoughts remain positive. Negative thoughts can sometimes be overwhelming, and just because you have them doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. They happen to everyone, but you can strive to keep them to a minimum with the help of a grateful attitude.

Get the Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal

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