Most days as a mom of two busy boys are filled with responsibilities and I admittedly have very little down time. I homeschool and work at home, and there is very little time I have to myself, in my own head, with my thoughts. So I count on red lights to give me an opportunity to pause and think.

I appreciate the mind body connection. True relaxation requires that I give full attention to every part of me.

I sit up straight and gently press my shoulders back.

Focusing on my breath is always beneficial. I concentrate on the air entering and exiting my nostrils. Sometimes I count slowly along with each breath. Sometimes I recite an inspiring word or short phrase. I think of peaceful and beautiful images.

Red Lights Remind me to Relax
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Another technique that calms my mind is to observe my thoughts. I notice what is going on in my head. Without making any judgments, I examine whether I am rehashing old arguments or living in the present moment.

I scan my body for tense spots. Maybe my fingers are clenched on the steering wheel. Maybe my neck is straining forward.

It only takes a few seconds to rub my fingers or my neck. This gives them a little warmth and relief. I find my mood is suddenly better.

Today, I accept the red lights I meet along my journeys. They give me time to think and take a breather.

I wonder to myself “what other familiar prompts could I use to remind myself to relax during my daily activities?”

How about you? What are other quick techniques can or do you use to relax your mind and my body? Please share below!

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