Too often when Summer comes, us well-meaning moms focus in on our kids and what memories we can make for them. We usually start by making out a Summer Bucket List for our family – but may forget to make one of our own.

This summer we invite you to make a Summer Bucket List for yourself. And here’s why…

As the seasons change, so do we. You may find yourself in a season of hustle, or a season of growth, or reflection. Spend some time focusing on fueling yourself up so you can charge into the Fall. Would you like to feel motivated to learn new things, do something interesting and accomplish personal goals? You can use this summer to bring these desires to life!

How will you ignite your passions as the weather heats up?

Explore these ideas for planning your most inspiring summer yet with your own Summer Bucket List for Mom.

Summer Bucket List for Mom - ideas to get your inspired for your best summer yet

Tips to Making Your Own Summer Bucket List

1. Take a personal inventory

Think about what you want and need in your life right now. Do you desire closer relationships? Perhaps you want to develop knowledge in a particular subject area. Maybe the one thing you seek most is more adventure in your life. This summer is a good time to try these things out.

For example, if you’ve been working a lot of overtime, maybe you’ll decide that what you really need is more quality time with family and some fun in your life.

Think about what’s missing emotionally for you right now and promise yourself to include it in your life this summer.

2. Ask yourself, “What do I really want to do?”

Make a list of the short-term and long-term goals you wish to accomplish. This is the time for some serious soul-searching. When making your list, decide whether to focus most on your professional or personal life this season.

* If it’s a personal list, you might include items like, “Keep my cool when dealing with my kids” and “Exercise five times a week.” You may also include things like, “Save for a trip to Italy next year” and “Walk a section of the Appalachian Trail in September.” Consider this list your short-term bucket list.

* On your professional list, you might put things like “Research how to work at home” or “Become a pro at Facebook Live.” If you work in an office you may include things such as “Resolving conflict with a particular co-worker,” or “getting your boss to give you that project you desire.” When writing your professional list, keep in mind that your ultimate goals are to ignite deeper interests, resolve troubling issues, and promote your work life this summer.

3. Discuss summer schedules now

Tell your spouse or friends that you’re planning a summer that will be stimulating, motivating and full of accomplishments. Share your intentions. Listen to their ideas.

If you’ve got a close friend, they might want to jump on board to plan their own inspiring summer along with you and share some of your activities, too.

4. Plan a trip this summer

Even if it’s just a long weekend, nothing inspires us like seeing brand new sights. When you travel, your mind is removed from the more mundane tasks of everyday life. You’re physically and mentally transported to a place where everything is new and different.

5. Select three short-term goals to accomplish by summer’s end

Clip them from the list. Stick them on your refrigerator. Place a second copy on your bathroom mirror. Stash them in your car. The idea is to put them someplace you will see them daily and they will therefore be prominent in your mind.

If you take time to assess what you want and how you intend to get there, you’ll experience one of your most inspiring summers ever.

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