The Most Loved Gadgets You Need to Bring With You on Vacation

Check our list of essential gadgets for travelers in order not to miss anything! Then get all of the gadgets from our Momalot Storefront in our Idea List – Gadgets for Vacation.

1 – Smart Watch

A smartwatch can help solve a lot of your problems during the trip without nudging its way into your free time. This device may help in getting alerts about breaking news and weather, in getting to your destination by syncing to great travel apps, in chatting with your mates on the go etc.

2 – Portable Speakers

It’s time to share your favorite music with your friends whenever you go! Just take the portable speaker on the beach or on the impromptu party. Note that some of such devices support Bluetooth and even have the ability to charge your other gadgets via USB.

3 – Pocket Camera

Do you think those pocket cameras are out of fashion? Not on vacation! A smart phone is handy but sometimes you want to be able to tuck it away on vacation. And if you don’t want to cart around your expensive camera and a bunch of additional lenses, just make sure that your camera is small enough to fit in your pocket. Check the battery life, built-in Wi-Fi, and endurance before you make your choice.

4 – Selfie Stick

If you insist on using your phone for your photos then you may want to consider a selfie stick. While it may look silly to some people, the “selfie stick” is actually a great photography accessory for travelers. Due to this simple accessory, it is possible to take better photos of yourself without the help of passers-by. Check if there are built Bluetooth and Wi-Fi available.

5 – Extra microSD card

There is no too much storage when you are on vacation. Don’t think about the free space, just shoot! Take an extra microSD card in your bag and don’t forget about full-size adapter. You can use it with your Android smartphones as well as with cameras and other gadgets that accept the regular SD format.

6 – E-Reader

If you can think of nothing better than lying in the sun with a good book then don’t forget about an e-reader. Comparing to the tablets, e-readers have much longer battery life. Some of them can work without recharge up to a month.

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7 – Portable Battery Charger

With so many tech accessories in your bag, you will definitely need to charge your gear on the go. There are a wide variety of portable chargers available. You may choose the one with a high capacity battery, slim design, lots of ports or something that can charge up both your phone and your laptop.

8 – Noise Cancelling Headphones

Don’t forget about the noise-canceling headphones. In this case your music — and nothing else — takes center stage. No more crying babies, unruly teenagers, or inconsiderate flyers!

9 – Wireless Mini Pocket Router

If you travel with your laptop, you’ve probably run into issues connecting to a hotel’s Wi-Fi which is usually not reliable. With this device, you may create your own Wi-Fi network by tapping into the Ethernet cable attached to the desk in many hotel rooms. The main advantage of such router is its portability.

Put your camera, smartphone, tablet, power bank and travel accessories to the bag and get the most out of your next adventure.

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