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Best Halloween Books for Kids in 2018

Finding the best halloween books for kids can be a challenge. That’s why I decided to put together this list of some of our favorites. My children are ages five and eight. They’ve loved most of these books since they were two. Hopefully that gives you an idea of who these Halloween books might be for and what age group will enjoy them best.

In my opinion the best Halloween books need to be fun, not disgusting. Bonus points if the book can tie into a family tradition or teach a lesson. 

Here are the best Halloween books for kids this year, in my humble opinion. 

What are the best Halloween books for kids in your opinion? Drop to the comments and share! Also comment if you have read one of these books mentioned. 

Happy reading!

Goodnight Goon

Our absolute favorite Halloween book is Goodnight Goon. It’s a fun parody on Goodnight Moon, which is our favorite Children’s Book of all time. 

Ages 1-3

Room on the Broom - Best Halloween Books for Kids

Room on the Broom

This is another favorite in our home. We were first introduced to Room on the Broom when we watched the video version on Netflix. Not it’s an annual tradition. 

Ages 3-7

Goodnight Little Monster

My 5-year-old and I just cuddled up with this one the other night. We had a terrific time “howling at the moon” with Goodnight Little Monster

Ages 3-5

Ten Timid Ghosts

Count back from ten to one with Ten Timid Ghosts. This is the perfect Halloween book for beginning readers filled with witches, ghosts, and haunted houses. 

Ages 4-7

The Spooky Wheels on the Bus

The Spooky Wheels on the Bus is a Halloween-themed version of the classic song, the Wheels on the Bus. In our home the book and the song are a Halloween favorite. 

Ages 3-5

Creepy Carrots

We brought Creep Carrots into our home last year. My oldest son picked it out because he loves bunnies. He was seven at the time. We ended up seriously loving this book! So cute and a surprise (and fun) ending!

Ages 3-7

Creepy Pair of Underwear

If you love Creepy Carrots then you will also enjoy Creepy Pair of Underwear. My two boys have so much fun with both books!

Ages 4-8

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

For those of us who grew up with the E.T. movie, then the E.T. book is a must have for the Halloween season. Yes. We are “that” family that watches E.T. every Halloween. It’s a fun (and easy) family tradition.

Ages 4-8

There’s a Monster In Your Book

When we first discovered this book last year we didn’t expect it to turn into one of our Halloween favorites. Tom Fletcher is gaining in popularity. If you love this book you may also love There’s a Dragon in Your Book.

Ages 3-7

Pete the Cat: Trick or Pete

Your little ones will have fun following Pete as he goes trick-or-treating and discover what is waiting behind each door in Pete the Cat: Trick or Pete.

Ages 4-8

Splat the Cat: What was That?

My 5-year-old is obsessed with Splat the Cat. If yours is too, then you’ll love this next book. Splat the Cat: What was That

Ages 4-8

Splat the Cat and the Pumpkin-Picking Plan

Splat the Cat and his buddy Seymour head to the pumpkin patch in Splat the Cat and the Pumpkin-Picking Plan. It makes for a funny, giggly silly adventure to share with your child. 

Ages 4-8

Scaredy Cat, Splat

In this book Splat is determined to be the scariest cat in the class. Unfortunately, he’s just too much of a scaredy-cat. We love Scaredy Cat, Splat and I feel like it’s relatable for kids overcoming their fears.

Ages 4-8

Eek! Halloween!

Susan Boyton is a beloved author in our home. With over 21 million copies sold, Eek! Halloween! does not disappoint. Take a journey with Boynton and her fun characters through the tradition of Halloween.

Ages 4-8

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