What to do when life as mom gets stressful

It can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous. Stress is your body’s reaction to a challenge or demand. As moms we have lots of demands on us and it’s easy to let stress settle into our lives.

Stress can have lots of effects on our bodies and we all know stress can be harmful yet stress is one of the hardest things to get under control.

We asked fifty moms what they do when life as mom gets stressful and here’s what they said:

Talk it out – Phone a friend, talk with a trusted family member, heck even go to a therapist if the situation warrants it. Whatever you need to do to talk about it. The focus doesn’t need to be finding a solution, but just getting the stress off your chest. Sometimes when you say the stressful situation out loud, you may realize it’s not so bad.

Take an hour to chill – drop your kid(s) at a friends house or have your spouse watch them. Then do what makes you happy! Go wander a store for an hour, get a coffee, hit the gym, take a walk, get a manicure, go for a drive. Whatever it is that relaxes you – do that!

Get into music – put on some 80s music and jam out with your kids. You’ll find your stress melt as you laugh with your littles and make memories. Or you may want to consider finding time to listen to your own relaxing meditative music.

Get into the Word – if you’re a believer you more than likely already know the power of daily bible reading. Even just 3-15 minutes a daily with a good devotional like this one can do wonders for relieving stress and shifting your mental focus.

Get real with yourself – Ask yourself why does it matter? What’s really under the pressure? Then do your best to let it go.

Get back to nature – go garden with your kids, plant flowers and get your hands dirty.

Just get outside – if getting into nature isn’t your thing then just get outside and soak up some of that Vitamin D. Play with the kids and don’t focus on what’s stressing you out. If it’s something that really needs to be resolved, promise to come back to it later.

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Count your blessings – When we’re stressed it’s easy to forget all the good that is around us daily. Take five minutes to think or write down at least 10 things you’re truly grateful for in that moment. You may even want to use a gratitude journal. Then read back through your list and really feel grateful for each and every one.

Make a date with yourself – Get in some ‘me’ time at least once a month. Go out alone or with some friends. Do some personal shopping, eat out in one of your favorite restaurants. Making time for yourself isn’t selfish, it’s part of any good self-care routine.

When you take time to remove yourself from the stress and come back to it later, the stress or stressful situation may not be totally gone but at least you will feel relaxed and in a better state of mind to tackle it.

What are some ways you get over stress? Share below!

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